Board of Directors

Barbara Harris: Director and Founder - Former foster parent, PTA member, founded interracial organization in 1992, actively recruits foster parents, adoptive parent, author of assembly Bill 2614 CA, speaker at private organizations/groups in regards to drug addicted babies.

Reverend Timothy Thompson: President - Director of the Emmanuel House drug treatment center in Detroit, as well as the Project Prevention Detroit Chapter Director.

Stephanie Sanders: Board member and Fresno Chapter Director - Cares for medically fragile children. Adoptive mother.

Robert Myers: Vice President - Retired Police Officer worked with many drug addicts while on the police force, arrested many, and feels that addicts should be on birth control while actively using.

Lanora Wood: Board Member - has a sister that has struggled with a drug problem for 20 years and saw her nephew in and out of foster care which is what brought her to us.

Smitty Harris: CEO - Adopted 4 children from a Los Angeles addict.

Blanche Foster: Secretary - Executive Director of Emmanuel House 1 and 2 homes in Detroit for the elderly offering professional, caring, and compassionate assistance with independent living or assisted living. Also, raised drug exposed and special needs children.

Doreen Boland: Board Member - has family members who have struggled with drug addiction, which has led her to want to help in our program.

Honorary Board

Rick Roberts: KOGO, Talk Radio DJ San Diego

Advisory Board

Professor Robert Pugsley: Southwestern School of Law; President of Council of the Friends of UCLA Library

Bishop Henry L. Johnson: The Diocesan of the 16th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assembly of the World.

Dennis McNutt: Ph.D, and college professor. Dedicated Project Prevention volunteer.

Bernadetta Carter: Masters of Science and Rehabilitation counselor.

Florence Visamanos, RN

Melissa Roccio MS, M.S.C.C.: Member of child abuse prevention council, Director of Foster Family Agency

Chedgzey Smith-McKeever, MSW, Ph.D.

Bruce A. Thyer, Ph.D: Research Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work