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In short, because she saw the problem she was facing up close and personal, in the eyes of her children. Mrs. Harris personally adopted four children out of eight to one Los Angeles addict. After spending countless hours watching her children fight through withdrawal, among other things, she decided that something had to be done.

This led Mrs. Harris to the California legislature attempting to pass a bill that would have made it mandatory that after giving birth to a drug addicted baby the birth mother use long-term birth control. When Assembly Bill 2614 died on the floor of the California legislature Mrs. Harris was left with two choices: 1) Do Nothing, and 2) Do Something!

For her, doing nothing was not an option after her own firsthand experience raising four substance-exposed children. Thus, Project Prevention was born.

If you can not trust someone with their reproductive choices, how can you trust them with a child? The decision to use long term birth control in some cases is the first responsible decision these addicts have made in their addiction which may lead to more good decisions.

It is racist, or at least ignorant, for someone to learn about Project Prevention and assume that only minorities will be calling us. The reality is, not all drug addicts are minorities. Project Prevention targets a behavior not a racial demographic.We believe that all women/children matter regardless of skin color. Why would we not encourage minorities to make a responsible decision to use birth control as well?

Barbara Harris writes on a continual basis with countless Project Prevention clients. She frequently sends cards of encouragement applauding their efforts to get or stay clean. Project Prevention has referred hundreds of clients to drug treatment programs nationwide.

What many people fail to consider are the negative effects on a woman’s self-esteem of continually having children that are taken away. That only leads to the women feeling worse about themselves, and often times, leads them deeper into their addiction.

For a glimpse into how these women feel, here are a few remarks from Project Prevention clients:

Thank you for helping me to do the first responsible thing I’ve ever done in my addiction. Patricia, Nashville.

I am sorry to inform you that I relapsed shortly after I graduated on May 1st. I’m back in treatment and doing very well. I apologize for not keeping in touch for I feel as though we’ve known one another in a different space and time. You are truly an inspiration to me, and I feel that your love knows no boundaries. Sandra, Los Angeles

Thank you for the wonderful encouraging cards, they made me smile. I am still dedicated to promoting Project Prevention to the women in my program because I know from personal experience, after six relapses and five children in foster care, how important birth control is. Penny, New York

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