It is critical that African-Americans support C.R.A.C.K.'s [Project Prevention's] effort.

- Earl Ofari Hutchinson

As a recovered drug addict I know how important what you're doing is. When I was using crack cocaine daily, along with various other drugs (i.e. alcohol and marijuana), I was on birth control pills. Well, one month I spent the money for my prescription on crack, of course. I went to Planned Parenthood for help. They would not help me! They said I would have to be seen first by their GYN and then I would get pills costing a total of $52! I only needed $20 to fill my current prescription. Well, needless to say, I received no birth control, and became pregnant.

- New Mexico resident

I believe you are addressing a significant problem and I applaud your efforts in the care of children born to addicted parents. I hope your program will continue to flourish in the communities that you serve.

- Sherman Block, The late L.A. County Sheriff

I wish you had come to me with your birth control offer years ago so I wouldn't have had 14 babies.

- Sharon, client #24

Whether you are "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life", I don't see how one can find fault with the end result of your program-simply preventing women (men) from having to make an emotionally charged decision regarding an unplanned pregnancy.

- Connie, website visitor

I am also a foster mother who just lost one of my drug babies. She was returned to her mother who also had, that I know of, 7 children. The mother was still an addict, but the system returned the child to her anyway. It breaks your heart when you see how hard they try and know that there might be learning problems later. Best of luck with your project.

- Linda, Glendale CA

"I wish a program like this would have been available while I was addicted. Then I wouldn't have so many children.

- Sandra Mathews, recovered addict raising 7 children

It is immoral to have a baby that no one can care for. We're adopting number 7 from a mom who has had 12.

- Phil D., Foster Parent

I think the big thing about drug babies is that everything you've ever done for a newborn baby, ever been trained to do, doesn't work for them.

- Barbara R., Pediatric Interim Care

A drug-exposed infant is very hypersensitive to his whole environment, his worst enemy is stimuli. Learning how to manage a drug-affected infant is very important. Possessing parenting skills is important. I think what we've found is that the caregiver is the make or break factor.

- Barbara D., Center Medical Director

It will greatly reduce child suffering and decrease expenditures associated with these unfortunate births. Your solution is especially sound because it answers ineffective politicians, the radical right, and the radical left by offering a politic-neutral answer. It is indeed unfortunate that private citizens must take action to extract responsibility from other society members, but if they must, your solution is the best I've seen.

- C.S.

Only those who haven't actually worked with the people in this unfortunate situation could criticize you. I spent 15 years as a health care lawyer- the last 3 as in-house legal counsel to a large, tertiary care teaching hospital in inner-city Philadelphia. I took emergency custody of children,had drug-crazed parents removed from the hospital--and always felt like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the hole of the dam. The problem is so huge, it just overwhelms you when you try to make a difference. Don't listen to the nay-sayers- YOUR IDEA IS A GREAT CHOICE TO OFFER PEOPLE!!

- Robin W., PA

As a family practice physician, I saw many crack babies during my residency. It was such a heart-wrenching sight- tiny babies abused before they were even born. Now in practice I am seeing these children as they are maturing. Those fortunate enough to have caring foster or adoptive parents have an edge on life. I hope this small contribution helps your very worthy cause. Personally I feel if a "bribe" is what it takes to get these people from having unwanted and damaged children then let's bribe them. God bless you and your organization.

- Kristi M., FL