Dear Mrs. Harris,

I have to tell you that I love what you are doing. I just found out about you today. I watched your youtube video's and read your website. I come from a multiple generational drug addicted and alcoholic family. My mother mother was an alcoholic having four children she abandoned, her parents raising three and adopting out one. All of her children my mother and aunt and uncle were fetal alcohol affect. they suffered unmentionable abuse at the hands of there drunk mother. My mother went on to be an alcoholic and drug addict herself. She had six children and six abortions in her short 33 years. I was born with learning disabilities and suffered all kinds of abuse. I am also a drug addict and alcoholic. I have had a dozon abortions and three children. My first born was adopted out to the loving family that took me in to fostercare at the age of 14. All of my siblings except for two ended up with severe learning and developmental problems. I lost my two last children to the state and lost my ability to have a relationship with them due to my drinking and drugging. It has been heart breaking for me. I have often thought that my grandmother, my mother and myself should never have been able to haave children. We are poor my family and this has spread to multiple generations. A couple years ago my brothers little girl who was only 3 was raped by his half brothers son , who was 18. My brother is a violent man who lost his ability to see his first two children. He has just had another child and I cringe to think what will happen to this little girl. I could do on and on. from sibling to sibling cousin to cousin telling you this story.....and think what the state of nebraska has spent on welfare and other aid just for my family....we breed like rats. anyway I just wanted to tell you that I think it is wonderful what you are doing. It is to bad that prison sentences cannot be given for what myself and other that I am related to have done to countless l ives. I will be on disability for the rest of my life. what ! about my children? we won\'t know about them as they are all still so little. I feel bad that you are given such a hard time for what you are doing. Did I know it was wrong to have kids? yes on a level as I never thought I should exist. I believe that their are lots of other people out there just like me who know what we are doing is wrong. God bless you on this journey that you are on and I hope you can prevent a future mess that is just like my families story. Stay strong.

I. R. Omaha Ne

You are right it was so wierd all the emotions that I felt after reading and watching all your stuff. Also the anger i felt at some of the people that apposed you. At their ignorance. Things are good now for me i am alone and sober and safe. It has taken alot of years for Judy and Sam the foster parents that took me in when I was 14. to get me to this point. I know that judy has put alot of years into me and it wasn't just until I was 18. She is probably a person who you should talk to. when I was a teenager her mother inlaw brought a taped made for tv movie called the broken cord. it was made from a book that michael dorris wrote. Grandma Norma wanted me to understand what was wrong with me and how other people saw me. years later I read the book. Michael dorris echo's you pain and anger. what people need to understand is that people like me and my problem is mild to moderate need care for the rest of our lives. and a person making that mistake once is forgivable but what about 2 or 3 or 4 or more times at which point does their neglegance become criminal? yes I am a thinking being but what would I have been capable of if my mother had just stopped for 9 months? Some times I worry about what will happen when my Judy passes away. she is pushing 60 and with out her protecting me and telling me what to do I know I will be scared and alone. My son who I get to see sometimes is 8 and more of an adult than I am. He came her to see me last month and my dishes were in my bedroom. He said Isis are you eating in bed? I was like yes, he said you are going to get ants. I never thought of that. it is the little things like that. I do not have people sense. I do not know who is good or bad until something bad happens. I am scared of people. I wish I could pound sense into the stupid people who do not understand what it is like for me and others. I think that it is wonderful that you took those kids in. I hope they do not have the chemical imbalances and such that I have. We you able to see them through school? I quit in the 8th grade. but did get my ged. I have tried to go to college about 8 times but it is too hard for me. I had an idea. people seem to think that you are not thinking about the mothers or fathers or their problems. what about if you could offer a scolarship for people who STERILIZE so that they have the chance to better their lives. I wonder if you could get people to donate for that. Lack of good jobs-money lead to many of the social diseases that cause this horrible problem for children. then maybe they could take care of their kids that are floating out there in the world. and cause the huge drain on our goverments finances. they already spend so much on arcaic treatment programs that don't work. the 12 step program has only a 3 percent success rate. They need to focus on holistic treatment programs that heal the whole person rather than give you a bandaid. I have alot of thoughts about this world we live in. Poor people have poor nutrition. poor nutrition and certain vitamin deficiencies like B vitamins cause a person to want to drink it creates the craving. drinking causes B vitamins to be even more depleated creating a vicious circle. And then when you add prgnancy to the mix you have a real mess. sorry I am rambling. thank you for reading my email. and responding. you definately got a reaction out of me I am going to start pinning your flyer on corkboards around omaha. I am sure that the born agains who think birthcontrol is wrong will be angry. I am a talker. and will tell every person I know about this. My family support worker from 20 years ago is still my friend and in my life I am going to bounce this off her and see if she will tell her social worker co workers about it. maybe leave flyers at her work. I was even thinking about doing a booth next earth day here in omaha as I think it is an enviromental issue also as it affects our planet. if we as a people are not healthy than how can our planey be healthy. I am sure that people will try and twist it into a population control thing but it has nothing to do with that it is about protecting unborn children who do not have a voice and may have that voice permantly damaged.


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