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Major Milestone

January 2012 marks a major milestone for Project Prevention – 4,000 women, severely addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, took part in our unique program paying them cash for long term or permanent birth control.

The price of suffering is extreme. Imagine each of the 4,000 addicts becoming pregnant just one more time:

  • 4,000 babies would inevitably be subjected to abortion, miscarriage, stillborn, or death after birth.
  • For the infants that live, it is almost certain they will enter into an endless life cycle of foster care, not to mention the struggle to recover from the endless withdrawal effects of drugs and alcohol forced on their tiny bodies, often resulting in permanent disabilities.

The pain and suffering also extends to unknowing taxpayers who pull from their wallets $561,600,000 (five hundred sixty-one million six hundred thousand) to $1,296,000,000 (1 billion two hundred ninety-six million) for every 4,000 children born to addicts that remain in foster care, or receive adoption aid assistance for 18 years.

In contrast, Project Prevention spent $1,200,000.00 to prevent additional disastrous pregnancies in 4,000 drug/alcohol addicted women. We realize we cannot put any price on the human suffering, but we also know that for every 4,000 infants that we prevent from being conceived by addicts/alcoholics who are actively using, leaves millions of taxpayer dollars to be used for drug treatment and other causes.

Project Prevention featured on news media in Philadelphia. Click the links below to read.

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Staggering Statistics

Every day more than 3 children die as a result of abuse and neglect. Over 75% of the child abuse fatalities were children under the age of 5.

Children who have been abused experience anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, substance abuse, and even worse many contemplate or attempt suicide.

Each year in California, 5,000 youth "age out" of foster care when they turn 18. The California Department of Social Services found that 65% of these foster youth face imminent homelessness!

Roughly 50% of foster youth do not complete high school.

Over 50% of foster youth become juvenile delinquents and furthermore, commit violent crimes as adults.

Statistic Sources:
California Department of Social Services Research Development Division
UC Berkeley Center for Social Services Research